Career Transformation
by New Directions

Here to support job seekers, career explorers, career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs into new opportunities.

We help frustrated job hunters, career explorers, career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing end-to-end employability from helping them find clarity, building their personal brand, developing their entrepreneurial mindset, and connecting them to meaningful and sustainable jobs.

The Four Pillars of Metamorphosis Group

Career Coaching

We support our clients in navigating through the career development journey.

Career Education

We teach our clients how to do well in their careers whether through best practices or skills development.

Personal Branding

We assist our clients in creating their personal branding voice to effectively deliver the message of their career branding.

Talent Attraction

We create a talent pool of young professionals who are excellent and eligible for opportunities with multiple employers in their industry.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach (aka the accountability buddy) and a client where the coach helps the client eliminate roadblocks in order to reach big personal goals.

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What our clients have been saying

Beyond the skills of a Career Development Coach, which she is a master of, Danica has the empathy and understanding that affirmed me of my worth as a professional. From the get-go, Danica has adapted to my needs as her client. She tailor-fitted my program so that I could grow exponentially in just a short amount of time. She listened closely to my concerns and debunked several of my limiting beliefs about the job market, and also myself. Danica gave me practical tips and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to looking for the next best opportunity. We even had a session where she coached me as I sent out inMails to recruiters. She checked up on me and made sure I had a plan and followed through with it. There were times of hand-holding when it was needed but she has coached me to be creative and confident for the times for me to figure out things on my own. I definitely recommend Danica and MG for people looking to reclaim their power and show the professional world their worth.

Sandra Grace Duenas

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