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Very informative. I recommend anyone who are seeking for a new career path to avail their services.

Pierce Yam, Philippines

Attended their talk. Very informative and engaging to important topics regarding career. I recommend anyone starting their careers or wanting to be more informed about work system to avail their services and go to their talks.

James Guevarra, Philippines

I never knew I needed an adulting talk until I’m actually a few months closer to the adulting life. Wish I knew sooner. Thanks to Danica, I got the chance to be ready for it. Informative and very helpful… Ask her anything, she just might give you the answers.

Fritz Parra, Philippines

Coach Danica's insights as an HR sourcing professional helped me gain behind-the-scenes insights on what's happening on the other side job applications. They're really useful to learn to be able to ace that dream job interview! I also appreciate Coach for being open for chat about questions and concerns in between our sessions. Over-all, the different activities we had really helped me get out of my i'm-stuck mindset in my career path and I was able really do something about it. I'm really grateful that I was able to avail of Metamorphosis' services.

Anonymous Client, Philippines

Danica was generous enough to reach out to me after seeing a LinkedIn post I made about getting my first job rejection. I had never considered Career Coaching services or met Danica before, but she is a very trustworthy person and it was clear that her passion was helping people grow personally and professionally, so I decided to say yes to the offer, and I am very glad I did! Over a period of one month, Danica interviewed me to help determine possible career paths, and we worked together to create a three-week learning plan to upskill myself towards the careers I was interested in. Today, I am very pleased to say I now have three pending job offers, and that the learnings and career insights Danica shared were key in getting these. Danica is easy to talk to, very professional, and has a wealth of experience (from the industry and the cases of other clients) that help greatly in decision-making. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to determine the next step in their career journey, or develop a long or short-term career plan.

Rafa Chua, Philippines

Highly recommended! Danica really helped me improve my career vision and path. Got lots of interviews after she helped me revise my resume and LinkedIn account, and hired for a high-paying job!

Anonymous Client, Philippines

Danica did three coaching sessions with me, and totally transformed my LinkedIn profile! If she would have only provided the LinkedIn tailoring, that would have been sufficient. Danica empowered me to be able to see, and most importantly, recognize my natural abilities. I now see the path I am destined to walk much clearer. As a USAF veteran of 9 years, with 8.5 years overseas, I have encountered a lot of high level people, but, I wish the Air Force would have helped me in the way even just three coaching sessions did. We as humans, are great at perceiving others, but not great at perceiving ourselves. This is where Danica's talents in coaching shine! A+

Michael Waite, United States of America

To my coach, I would like to share few things with you. Well, it's not regarding my CV/resume. Firstly, I would like to thank you for all the efforts and your time, and helping me. I know, I'm not clear at my ideas, but it was you who gave a spark to carry on. I have downloaded other manuals too to get better clarification and i hope soon, I will be updating my LinkedIn and resume. Thanks for being kind, I have heard of good people in the world and I believe now I have found one. And it's you. I wish you happiness. Keep smiling.

Anonymous Client, India

I give Danica’s coaching skills a 10/10. She helped me with so much. Honestly the information she gave me was life changing and I couldn’t thank her enough for all the great knowledge I gained from a session with her. There are things that I wasn’t sure of that she helped me understand on how to approach them. So much information that I would not have known if I didn’t give her coaching a shot and I’m really glad I did because I understand life a lot better!

Dustin Carrasco, United States of America

Danica really helped me out, she answered all my concerns with the ease of a professional that knows what she is doing if anyone seeks her service, she is worth every amount.

Zainab Abiodun, Nigeria