The Career Development Coaching Program

Our flagship project. This caters to all your career development needs for the job hunt.

Resume Building and Personal Branding, Interview Skills Enhancement, Career Planning and Transitioning, and MORE!

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A fixed schedule for online support with better client focus.

A designated time for support will be set so there's no need to worry about  when your coach will get back to you! 

An online MG Buddy account to centralize and organize our progress.

Goodbye to the hassle of sending files in different platforms!

An awesome methodology for discovering your career purpose.

Proven psychological methods as discovered by US psychologists.

More resources to support growth during the program.

We can suggest online and offline material for your needs!

A session of mock interviews for better interview skills.

Build your confidence and know the right words to say to ace that interview!

A recommendation letter for character development as well as endorsement to the coach's network of recruiters.

As long as you do your best!

A certificate for proof of completion to the program.

Something for you to brag about!

Complementary VCA Premium Membership

Gain access to the VCA Premium Membership during your entire Career Coaching Program!

Why should you join the program?

✔️ Because you don’t want to spend months or even years figuring out how to best present yourself in job applications
✔️ Because you want to get to know yourself more in terms of your purpose
✔️ Because you want better career identity and personal branding
✔️ Because you want to learn how recruiters think
✔️ Because you want to be part of the coach’s network of industry experts and top notch employers
✔️ Because you simply want to share to us how you feel about the job hunt and how you need our emotional support as well

What's the package going to be like?

🌞 24/7 online support for a 1-3 month commitment (booking must be done in advance)
🌞 Flexible payment scheme (Philippine clients only)
🌞 Applicable discounts (Philippine clients only)
🌞 Remote video call sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sessions be done purely online?

Yes! Actually all our sessions are now done purely online.

Can I make a customized package?

Yes, of course! You can just email us at [email protected] for this request or simply avail of our free coaching call session in the "Book now!" button above so we can discuss.

Are high school students or incoming college students welcome?

Yes, they are welcome to avail! However, a dedicated pre-coaching session must be done prior to availing the program first to assess the readiness of the client to the program. There will be no guarantees that the coach will accept the client for the program after the pre-coaching session.

Is it possible to avail of more mock interview sessions?

Yes, it is possible! Just let the coach know during the program if you need another mock interview session.

What payment methods are you accepting?

We do transactions via Paymongo (for local clients) and Paypal (for foreign clients). These options welcome credit card, debit card, and mobile wallets.

Where will we be communicating online?

We will be doing it through MG Buddy. A dedicated platform for coaching support.

Our Prices

Philippine Client Prices start at

PHP 2,200.00

Foreign Client Prices start at

USD 55.00

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