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Our Advocacies

We help organizations thrive with the right culture and people


Employer Branding

Change Management

People Development

Redeployment Solutions

Conducted by a team of career coaches and human resources professionals

We help businesses better prepare their current employee base to move to different roles within the organization. This helps businesses save costly mistakes from retrenchment and redundancy in an attempt for optimal workforce management.

Purpose Discovery

Skills Development Planning

Workforce Audit

Employer Branding Services

Develop a strategy for a positive employer brand

Today, we recognize the importance of communicating your employer brand to Millennials and Generation Z employees. Employer brand affects recruitment of new employees, retention and engagement of current employees, and the overall perception of the organization in the market.

EB Consulting and Event Management

EB Training and Coaching

EB Audit

Personal Branding for Recruiters

Build a rock-solid reputation and personal brand

At Metamorphosis Group, we aim to transform not only career seekers but also to teach the recruiters the power of building and monetizing their personal brand. We help you identify your voice, tell your story, and share your message. Maybe use a same template with this 3 content on it.

PB Training and Coaching

PB Audit

PB Design and Analysis

Executive Coaching Program

Have a winning mindset and a meaningful leadership development experience with MG's executive coaches.

Design and Systems Thinking

Creative and Critical Skills

Positive Leadership and Management

Development Sector Coaching-Consulting Services

We help development projects succeed with our coaching-consulting framework.

Using our proven effective coaching-consulting framework, Metamorphosis Group aims to service NGOs in their development projects primarily in needs such as education, entrepreneurship, employment, organizational development, and talent management.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Group or Individual Coaching for Stakeholders involved

Reporting and Research

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