We help employers meet their talent acquisition and development needs so that every individual in the organization experiences a meaningful employment.

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Redeployment Solutions

We help businesses better prepare their current employee base to move to different roles within the organization. This helps businesses save costly mistakes from retrenchment and redundancy in an attempt for optimal workforce management. Let us match your employees to talented career coaches who will provide end-to-end talent development services through coaching.

Virtual Career Fair Partnership

Today, we recognize the importance of communicating your employer brand to Millennials and Generation Z employees. Employer brand affects recruitment of new employees, retention and engagement of current employees, and the overall perception of the organization in the market. Get us to organize specialized virtual career fairs for your company to achieve this.

Personal Branding for Recruiters Workshop

At Metamorphosis Group, we aim to transform not only career seekers but also to teach the recruiters the power of building and monetizing their personal brand. We help you identify your voice, tell your story, and share your message. Let's talk about the possibility of providing a workshop to your recruiters about personal branding.

Executive Coaching Program for Key Decision Makers

With the changing market conditions, key decision makers need to change their strategy and most especially innovate their thinking and perception in order to cater to the growing and evolving needs of the market. Have a winning mindset and a meaningful leadership development experience with MG's executive coaches.

Labor Market Intelligence Services

With our expertise in social listening and empathizing with the labor market, we can provide solutions for your labor market intelligence (LMI) needs such as helping you conduct a research as well as making sense of your current data about the job market.

Talent Consulting

Our President and CEO, Danica Octa, is open to providing a 90-minute talent consultation for your recruitment, performance management, and employee exit needs. Learn from her empathy and industry knowledge about the talent market to help you maintain good relationships with your talent market.

Inbound Talent Sourcing

Think it's time consuming to just do outbound talent sourcing? Do you also have trouble doing inbound because of a lack of resources? Metamorphosis Group offers inbound talent sourcing services to recruiters and employers in need of an extra hand in sourcing.

Outsourced Career Support Office

Does your school or organization need an outsourced career support office for your members? If you have the vision but don't have the resources or time to hire for an entire career coaching team, get us for your needs and brand our team the way you want.

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