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What is the internship program?

The 3-month remote internship program is a campus ambassadorship program for the most talented college and university students in the Philippines. It aims to educate young minds to own their career development adventure by practicing, not only life coaching principles, but also entrepreneurship.

Program Benefits

As a Career-Preneur Summer intern, you will gain a lot of valuable experience from the program. Besides the benefit of learning on-the-job, you will also be granted the following:
✔️ Premium Membership Scholarship for 3 months
✔️ 1-on-1 coaching sessions per week with one of our executive board members
✔️ Certificate of Completion of the Program
✔️ LinkedIn Badge
✔️ Letter of recommendation from one of our executive board members
✔️ Exposure to a network of industry professionals for the benefit of your career/business

Program Activities and Tasks

In this program, your performance will be monitored by a Key Performance Indicator framework. Your main objective is to grow Metamorphosis Group’s multi-stakeholder network by maintaining and creating projects within the company. The following are major tasks:
✔️ Develop your LinkedIn presence and thought leadership to attract the desired network of multi-stakeholders (i.e. clients, customers, vendors, partners, candidates, employees, etc)
✔️ Research and create 2-3 articles or social media content per week.
✔️ Plan and execute, alongside your schoolmates, a career program/event for your specific university to be implemented in AY 2021-2022.
✔️ Refer 3-15 new members per week in the Virtual Career Academy Community.

**Interns that go above and beyond the standard will be awarded and incentivized accordingly.

Application Guidelines

Application Requirements

✔️ Students who will be at least sophomores by AY 2021-2022. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
✔️ Students with outstanding academic performance are highly preferred, but not always guaranteed of acceptance.
✔️ Students in universities and colleges outside of Metro Manila will be prioritized but not guaranteed of acceptance.
✔️ Having either two of the following active social media accounts -- Facebook Content Creator Page, LinkedIn Profile, Instagram Influencer Page, and Twitter Profile is highly preferred, but not required.
✔️ A follower count of at least 2000 for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and/or Twitter is highly preferred, but not required.
✔️ Must have a strong student organization and campus co-curricular participation.

Application Guidelines

✔️ Interested candidates are required to attend the program orientation from 2:30PM-4PM on any day between March 22-26 during the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021. Please register for the VCA Summit under events in the main menu.
✔️ Candidates are also required to like and follow all social media accounts of Metamorphosis Group. Check the header and footer for the links to our social media. Kindly take screenshots for proof to be sent alongside your formal application.
✔️ Candidates must create a publicity material (i.e. article, meme, video, poster, etc) on two or all of their social media accounts (i.e. FB, LI, IG, TW) showing their knowledge about Metamorphosis Group and its career development philosophy as well as your reason for being the best fit for the program.
You must also make your post public, tag the corresponding social media account for that platform, and invite your student network to apply for the program as well.
✔️ Candidates must take the Truity Career Personality Profiler test (see Career Services -> Coaching Programs -> go to the bottom and find "Truity") and send the PDF results to [email protected] along with your CV and Cover Letter (don’t worry, we’ll be doing an introduction on how to do this during the orientation).

Application Timeline

Program Orientation

March 22-26, 2021

Recorded Program Orientation Screening

March 27 to April 5, 2021

Deadline of Application

April 6, 2021

Selection Process

April 7-12, 2021

Announcement of Selected Interns

April 13, 2021

Deadline of Accepting the Internship Offer

April 19, 2021

Program Onboarding and Welcoming

May 10, 2021

Duration of the Internship Program

May 11 to August 11, 2021

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